myGolf Tracker is a web-based application designed specifically for The Golf Study. It combines the best that sport and golf science has to offer in terms of what a golfer needs to monitor to improve.

Time required to record your each day will vary with the amount of activities you undertake with highest level of commitment expected to take no more than an average of 5 minutes per day. Your data is automatically analysed by our software to give you notifications and feedback to find the sweet spot in your training and practice, reducing your chance of injury, excessive fatigue and optimising your performance.

The researchers behind The Golf Study will also pool and analyse all participant data to create greater intelligence in algorithms for training guidance and performance prediction in future versions of myGolf Tracker.

Want to participate in the study?

As part of a research project, Exercise Physiologist Scott Williams is looking for an expression of interest from up to: 30 tour players, 30 aspiring tour players, 30 juniors and 30 club golfers of all ages. If you would more information go to The Golf Study website, where you can also register and then book online.

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The Golf Study will be assessing 4 categories of golfers: juniors; club golfers, aspiring elite; and professional golfers between October 10th 2017 and June 5th 2018.

As a participant you will be tested at a minimum of 3 and maximum of 4 separate intervals across five test phases. In between the Golf Study test phases, you will self-record a combination of daily wellness, training and on-course performance using two web-based applications, for the duration of the study. The duration of the study for a given participant will be between 12 and 33 weeks dependant on the first and last test date selected.

A free subscription to myGolf Tracker will be provided to you to record your daily physical training/exercise, golf practice, recovery activities and wellness. You will also receive a free subscription to Golf Metrics to be used to record your on-course golf performances.

Both web-based applications are accessible via your smartphone. myGolf Tracker will send you notifications to help optimise your training and wellness. Golf Metrics will provide you with statistical information about your game such as strokes gained, the premier performance statistic for the USPGA Tour. You will also be given test reports to give you insight on areas you can improve and video-based activities that target these.